MTS is a French company , its core business is  the manufacturing of plastic technical parts through extrusion blowmolding process.


Our company designs and develops products used for various business sectors.

Ongoing innovations in blowmolding process has led our company to become a leader in this technology and is a major factor of our strong presence on export markets.


Our main focus is to support existing and new customers from design to production in bringing the best technical and economical solutions to build  long-term partnerships.


Our plant is located in Montréal-la-Cluse, between Geneva and Lyon, in the Rhone-Alpes region.

MTS workshop is equipped with 14 blowmolding machines with a capability of parts from 2cm to 2m40 height and from 3grs to 28kgs weight of material in one shot.


Our blowmolding machines have been developed to transform the following raw materials such as PEHD / PETG / PET / TRITAN / PMMA/ PP HOMO / PP COPO / PA12 / PA6 / ABS /  fireproof… , this list being non exhaustive.


The development of some parts implies that we are able to use and master other processes : injection molding, injection blowmolding, rotomolding, … In order to provide a complete function to our customers.


CAD software and simulation tools are currently used by our integrated design and engineering office.


MTS can ensure the storage of your products and provides the most efficient and reliabe logistic service for your deliveries worldwide.


Our Certifications : ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ILO OSH 18001 – ISO 50001