Manufacturing process

■ Phase 1 : For the manufacturing of parts, we use specific plastic grains created for blow molding. Color granules are added to the raw material in measures, and then the batch is weighed, mixed through a rotating screw where it is preheated from 200°C to more than 270°C. This mixture finally comes in the head of the machine for extrusion.

■ Phase 2 : The blowing machine then extrudes a plastic tube called a "parison." This tube is pinched and pre-inflated through a blowpipe. Blow molding is a technology where the plastic material is distributed where needed for technical, aesthetic, or other reasons. This is one of the main advantages of our technology. With a parison equivalent to 1 meter, MTS is capable of defining 500 different thicknesses (with vertical control)!

■ During blowing, the mold is cooled to +9 ° C or -6 ° C with brine, allowing higher productivity (more parts per hour)


■ Phase 3 : The mold is closed on the parison, the blow molding process starts, the temperature of the air sent in the interior of the mold is from 10°C to -40°C. Two pressure networks are available in the factory: 8 bars and 15 bars (for visible appearance of the parts). The equipment is water-cooled during the blowing process.


■ Phase 4 : The product is removed from the mold and a new parison is formed, beginning a new cycle. All plastics wastes are sorted, some going back into the production process and others being recycled or transformed by outside partners.