Established since 2000 in a very modern building, the company MTS has nearly 10 000m ² dedicated to the production of extruded blow molded plastic parts.


The production site has 3 main parts:

The workshop

The R&D department

The logistics platform


MTS has 14 blow molding machines to produce plastic parts ranging from 0.02 to 750 L and from 3grs to 28kgs weight of material in one shot. Our park machine is at the forefront of technology, and allows us to produce basic pieces as well as very technical and complex pieces.

MTS is constantly developing new innovations. The R&D department is a key player in our value chain and one of the keys to our success.

Finally, we offer our customers quality logistics services, with a computer-aided management system, a platform for external and internal storage, optimal management of EDI, and Direct Store Delivery.